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Here are just a few comments about the P.P.A.

"The PPA surprised me with its deceptive simplicity. In the past there has always been a degree of concern when recruiting new personnel. People who interview well are not necessarily the best for the job. Likewise, applicants who are good at interviews generally achieve higher salaries.

I can now accurately predict which new staff should be recruited and usually for a lower salary than originally budgeted. The PPA also helps decide which existing staff should be promoted and who can be relied upon to deliver.

I would say that Gate Consulting's PPA has already saved my business thousands of pounds in wasted personnel resources. It has proved to be a major contributor to the stable expansion of our business in what has been a very difficult trading climate."

L.H. Managing Director

"I have been very pleased with the results obtained by recruiting all my staff after having had them complete a personality profile. It is certainly a very worthwhile action to take before employing a new member of staff.

I can honestly say that I would be extremely reluctant to take on anyone who has not completed a profile and received a satisfactory result."

R.H. Managing Director

"We thought we were doing pretty well with our interview and selection process as it was, but then a couple of costly incidents with some 'recruitments' gave us cause to stop and reassess the process. With the benefit of hindsight we realised that there was extra essential information that we were missing with the traditional approach to interviewing. What we needed was an additional tool for our interview and selection process to help us uncover this information and we found that tool in Gate Consulting's PPA.

Since using it, not only have we avoided any further mistakes but we've noticed that the standard of candidates who make it through to 'final consideration' has increased…. We've actually become better interviewers ourselves."

T.G. Training and Development Manager

"...All this leads me to have no hesitation in confirming the effectiveness of Gate Consulting's ability to identify the characteristics of an individual and to provide a valuable assessment of their suitability for a specific type of work."

P.J. Managing Director