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The Professional Personal Analysis

Not all people are equally productive. You may have experienced in the past that applicants met all the technical and specialist requirements, made a good impression during the selection process, but didn't then go on to produce what was expected of them.

You probably don't need reminding that the price of getting it wrong is lost money, lost time and upset.

The Professional Personal Analysis (P.P.A) is like a diamond-cutting tool, which sheers away even the thickest social veneer, showing the person's strengths and weaknesses.

The PPA gives you answers to the following questions:

For recruitment purposes and  personnel assessment. 

  • Can they get results for you?
  • Will they contribute to your team spirit?
  • Do they solve problems easily?
  • Are they predictable and can you really count on them?
  • Will they take responsibility or will they blame others?

Click here for detailed information about the P.P.A.

For Managers/Directors:

  • Do you achieve your goals or do you feel stopped by setbacks?
  • Are you immune to stress?
  • Can you decide very fast?
  • Are you self-assured and consistent?
  • Are you alert and attentive?
  • Are you appreciative or do you rather tend to focus on people's shortcomings?
  • Are you able to motivate and enthuse others?
  • Are you affectionate or rather cool and distant?

If you are the Managing Director, Business Owner or Key Decision Maker in the company take a free Professional Personal Analysis Questionnaire.